The Rise of CannaGamers

The Rise of CannaGamers

Playing video games while stoned is not new, but the CannaGamers’ culture has become a buzzed-about term recently. Read on to learn more.

Cannabis makes any activity more exciting, be it a simple home party with friends or binge-watching your favourite TV shows. There is even a whole new cannabis culture among gamers, who found that playing video games while high elevates the experience. This diverse population, also called CannaGamers, is an interesting cultural phenomenon that deserves your attention.

Who Are CannaGamers?

Simply speaking, CannaGamers is a term defining anyone who combines cannabis consumption and gaming. Many people picture a young man playing games in a smoke-filled room when they think about a typical CannaGamer. However, this population is actually far more diverse and includes people of different ages, genders, marital statuses, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Why Play While High?

Approximately half of all people consuming cannabis play computer games. Why do people pair these two activities? It turns out that playing games while high may have many advantages:

  • Higher focus and motivation;
  • Improved performance;
  • Reduced stress and anxiety;
  • Improved brain capacity;
  • Relieved muscle pain.

In other words, cannabis may make gamers more physically, cognitively, and mentally prepared.

It should be noted that the positive effects of cannabis mostly come from anecdotal reports from gamers and have not been confirmed by scientists. If cannabis helps someone you know play more efficiently, it does not mean you will experience the same effects. Cannabis can affect bodies differently, so there is no better way to understand whether it works for you than to try it.

Effect of CannaGamers on the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis consumption is occasion-based. Some people take cannabis to relieve stress and promote sleep in the evening. Others benefit from cannabis edibles in the morning to boost energy and mood. There are party-only cannabis lovers who only use it to relax with friends. Now, gaming is becoming another great occasion for cannabis consumption.

Cannabis and Professional Gaming

Pro gamers participating in contests should be cautious when consuming marijuana. New anti-doping policies prohibit cannabis use among gamers and require disqualifying those who break the rules. In this way, it is possible to conclude that the CannaGaming trend remains limited to amateur gamers. It is unlikely that major changes will be observed in the industry soon, given zero tolerance for drugs.

Summing Up

CannaGaming is not a new phenomenon. Since the emergence of computer games, cannabis fans have enjoyed playing high because it’s fun and relaxing. Contemporary CannaGamers bring this habit to a new level by using cannabis to improve gaming performance.

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