Move Over Red Bull: There’s a New Kid in Town with Cannabis-Infused Energy Drinks

Move Over Red Bull: There’s a New Kid in Town with Cannabis-Infused Energy Drinks

Our Gorilla Nation Cannabis Energy Drink are changing the game!

Despite the buckets of empty booze bottles, you may have seen piling up in your neighbors’ garbage bins during the pandemic, 22% of consumers actually reported drinking less in 2021, according to Nielsen data. In fact, last year, off-premises sales of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages rose to $3.1 billion – up from $291 million the year prior.

Just like you, after the pandemic we were on a hunt looking for alternatives to alcohol to unwind and opt in for a healthier lifestyle choice.

So who the Fu*K is Gorilla Nation?

Gorilla Nation provides a range of hemp-derived cannabinoids product (edibles, and energy infused shots) that will enhance everyday experiences, from listening to music, focusing on a project, to awakening your inner party animal or just unwinding after a long day at work. Whatever experience you have in mind, we got you!

How do we make this magical potion?

Don’t worry we don’t operate out of our basement – we are the real deal! We use nano-emulsified hemp derived cannabinoids (HHC, D-P (THC) and THC-O, which delivers a faster onset of therapeutic effects and eliminates the 30-to-90-minute wait that it normally takes for cannabis edibles to activate when ingested.

This technology allows for a more controllable cannabis experience than traditional edibles and creates a lower barrier to entry for those on the fence about trying cannabis.

What’s great about our hemp derived cannabinoid beverages is that they appeal to a wide range of consumers, particularly since they can be enjoyed discreetly. Our energy drinks eliminate the waiting game and counterbalance the secondary effects of sluggishness that can occur after consuming THC. 


From our Cannabis energy drink to our cannabis gummies, you can always count on us to give you the kick you’re looking for at whatever level of experience you are currently at.

Shop our shots here:

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