THC Infused Drinks

THC Infused Drinks

Gorilla has seized the opportunity to enter the THC drink game with their fruit-flavored energy shots. Packaged in 2 oz. bottles like a small energy drink, the Gorilla Shots are seriously strong. Each bottle contains 20 mg THC, so even a sip has the potential to get you rock’ in if you’re not familiar with cannabis drinks.

Shots are the perfect drink and come in Pomegranate, Grape, Berry Blast, Strawberry/Watermelon, and Orange.  With these 5 great tasting flavors to choose from, you can mix it up for you and your friends at your next get-together.  Gorilla shots work quicker than an average edible and allow for the most efficient absorption into your system thanks to our emulsion technology,

You can even add them to your favorite drink. Mix with sparkling water, soda, juice, or tonic to create your own drink, just the way you like it. Don’t let the size fool you -- 20mg is not for everyone, so start slow, and work your way up to your comfort level.

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