Will Cannabis Ever Be as Socially Acceptable as Alcohol?

Will Cannabis Ever Be as Socially Acceptable as Alcohol?

Are cannabis beverages the answer to weed stigma at parties and gatherings?

Some people prefer cannabis over whiskey or wine.

Getting High in a World of Drinkers

Unfortunately, while alcohol is a standard at most parties, cannabis is not. The herb just doesn’t have the socially acceptable status as liquid libations. 

Make no mistake about it, pot consumers, even in legal states, are forced to duck out back to smoke a joint or take a pull off a vape pen, while everyone else drinks beer, sips wine and takes shots

The biggest obstacle that cannabis faces, aside from decades of prohibition and butt-loads of drug war propaganda, is that smoking is being phased out across America. Joints and pipes are never going to be embraced in social situations like a mug of beer. Most places don’t even allow smoking anymore, and many don’t want weed in their establishment no matter what. 

Cannabis Beverage, Anyone?

The cannabis industry recognized this challenge years ago and have attempted to create some socially acceptable products. THC-infused beverages were the biggest bet. Nearly every beverage company from the makers of Modelo to Budweiser was at least exploring the concept of drinks that get the user high. 

Data from BDSA, a market research firm in Colorado that specializes in legal cannabis, the article shows that sales on cannabis beverages have increased by around 65 percent over the past year in the 12 states they track.  In California, the largest legal cannabis market in the United States, the number of cannabis beverages has nearly doubled since 2020, according to Headset. No doubt, consumers were definitely skeptical about these products at first, but they are changing to this new method of consumption. 

Presumably there are people who’ve been consuming edibles before a party, but they sometimes realized that it’s not as fun to show up stoned than it is to progressively get there throughout the night – “being social with it.”

That’s the benefit booze offers, and that cannabis wants to follow.

In the past few years, cannabis beverages have matured, so they feel less like a novelty than when they were first introduced to the scene. It also has great crossover appeal. Overall, consumer recognition and trust has risen in this category. Industry experts say alternatives to smoking, like cannabis beverages, are catching on and could be what helps cannabis reach its socially acceptability.

It might take some more time before all the stigma created over the past several decades wears down enough for change. So, feel free to try it if you’re feeling brave. We recommend trying one of Gorilla’s shots, start slow and find your sweet spot.  Welcome to the Jungle!

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