Join the Team.


Become a Marketing Intern for GORILLA to earn free products, throw awesome parties, and stay lit all semester.

We’re starting a movement.

People should have access to vibe-enhancing products anywhere. Gorilla is making this possible with a variety of highest-quality energy shots, gummies, , pens, and aerosols

As a Miami-based company, Gorilla is deeply integrated into the startup ecosystem and seeks entrepreneurial interns and sales people to join us during this hyper-growth stage.

Meet Our Ongoing Campaign


GORILLA is touring the US!

Now that we’ve perfected our products, we want everyone to try them! Rather than just selling the products online, we want to give people an experience! With an emphasis on guerrilla marketing, events, and content challenges, MarketingInterns will earn life-changing experiences for their future.

Is this the coolest internship ever?

DUH. All Marketing Interns are contributors to The Gorilla Tour. We need YOUR help to bring good times to people everywhere. This is a fun and unique experience, don’t overthink it.

How will you be involved?

We give you free stuff, teach you our marketing strategies, then execute those strategies together remotely! If you’re a social person, even better, because you can order customized party packs to host events with free products and swag in your town!

When will you get to actually go on tour?

At first, you must support success in your local area. Later on, top performers will have access to touring opportunities and other career opportunities depending on their contributions in the first internship term.

See Results.

Make way for an easy and replicable strategy to make money by following our step-by-step guide and completing content challenges.

Internship Perks.

All you have to do is organize a few events and contribute to our marketing campaigns.

Free Merchandise

All interns get free merchandise. You can even request certain designs and we will have them made. 

Free Products

All interns get customizable packs of TONS of free edibles, energy shots, pens, and our other new products.

Resume Bump

We will work with you to craft a perfect marketing internship entry on your Resume.

Who you are.

You are an internet native with an understanding of good and bad content. You are willing to work hard to get something off the ground but ultimately you want your money to work for you. 

You understand the internet is a gold mine and you’re either already capitalizing on it or you know you absolutely need to start.  

As a Marketing Intern, you are not just another employee but an entrepreneur.  You will get special access to clients that we already found for you, you get to do what you do best… on your own time.

If this sounds like you - apply now with your resume and let us know why we need you on our Gorilla tour