Think Your Prescription Drugs are Safe?

Think Your Prescription Drugs are Safe?

Pharmaceutical Companies Have Racked Up $82 Billion in Fines in Just the Past 10 Years.

Just because your doctor tells you to take it and writes out a prescription doesn't mean it’s all good.

According to a recent report from ConsumerShield, the past decade has witnessed a surge in settlements and fines within the pharmaceutical sector, surpassing a staggering $80 billion.

Published on October 17, ConsumerShield's report titled "Balancing Profits, Penalties, and Public Safety in the Pharmaceutical Industry" sheds light on the fact that a significant portion of these infractions is related to synthetic opioids, notorious for their addictive nature and potential to cause respiratory distress.

Pharmaceutical companies found guilty of engaging in unlawful off-label marketing or promoting their medications have incurred substantial financial penalties under the Federal False Claims Act.


Continued scrutiny and concerted efforts are essential to uphold ethical healthcare practices, protect public health, and ensure pharmaceutical companies prioritize research and responsible marketing.

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