DELTA 9 Energy Shot

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Flavor: Strawberry Watermelon

This is not a dream or fantasy; these are our new innovative cannabis beverage shots. Gorilla D9 Shots. This fast-acting drink in refreshing flavors has an onset time of as low as 30 minutes They contain 20mg of Nano D9 THC to provide an uplifting and comfortably euphoric experience Energy enhancers such as caffeine, vitamin B3,B6, and B12, along with our very own special blend are incorporated to add some spice to your daily activities and keep that pep in your step. No couch lock over here! They come in 5 mouth-watering flavours: strawberry watermelon, orange, grape, berry blast, and pomegranate. C U IN THE JUNGLE. 

The effect stated below are based on customer’s results/feedbacks of consuming GORILLA products.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Products on this site contain a value of 0.3% THC or less.

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany T.
What is your experience as a Cannabis User: Novice
Strawberry Watermelon

I love it, and use ice half Strawberry Watermelon and add some milk to is very good!❤️

Marco Giordano
Lemon lime delta 9 shot

Flavour goes hard, gives a nice functional buzz that locks in concentration 100% would take it again.

Delta 9 shot

I really enjoyed the two shots that I tried. Especially the pomegranate, the taste and effect were perfect. I will be getting more forsure!

Marco Giordano
Delta 9 lemonade shot

Tastes great and gives a nice buzz with no foggy feeling.


Big fan of the new bottles taste and feels perfect for my
Liking definitely my new way of getting high . The bottle will last me a while couldn’t be more satisfied!!

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